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Friends of Colwick Woods volunteer group was formed by local residents in April 2004. We work closely with Nottingham City Council. The aim of the group is to protect, enhance and promote Colwick Woods as an important local resource for the benefit of the community and its natural habitat.

Fungal Foray - 16th Nov.

EventsPosted by liz Thu, November 27, 2014 09:48:32

Fungal Foray 16/11/14

A small group of members met up for our Autumn fungal foray, led by Edmund Hopkins. The following fungi were identified with some degree of certainty but we are not experts and found plenty more that could not even be assigned to a genus.

We will be trying to find an expert to join us next year!

Bitterling Lepiota species

Black Bulgar Bulgaria inquinans

Clustered Tough Shank Collybia confluens

Clouded Agaric Clitocybe flaccida

Candle Snuff Fungus Xylaria hypoxylon

Field Blewit Lepista saeva

Ganoderma Ganoderma adspersum

Ganoderma Ganoderma lucidum

Hairy Stereum Stereum hirsutum

Honey fungus Armillaria mellea agg

Jew’s Ear Auricularia auricula-judae

Oak Milk Cap Lactarius quietus

Rooting Shank Oudmansuella radicata

Silverleaf Chondostereum purpureum

Spotted Tough Shank Collybia maculata

Sycamore Tar Spot Rhytisma acerinum

Tawny Funnel Cap Clitocybe flaccida

Ustulina Kreutzmaria deusta

Diatripe disciformis

Hypoxylon mummularium

Hyphodontia sambuci

Mycena pura

There is a photo in the gallery section of some of the items collected.

Thank you to Edmund for organising and leading this.

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