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Friends of Colwick Woods volunteer group was formed by local residents in April 2004. We work closely with Nottingham City Council. The aim of the group is to protect, enhance and promote Colwick Woods as an important local resource for the benefit of the community and its natural habitat.

Colwick Cheese

NewsPosted by liz Wed, August 07, 2013 00:56:03
Can you remember Colwick cheese?

Fresh One Productions are currently producing a food series for

Channel 4 which is looking into forgotten foods.

We will be filming in Nottingham on 15th/16th of August.

The aim is to revive classic British food and drinks that have, for one

reason or another, disappeared from the public consciousness and

champion great local food and drink in the process.

One of the products that we are featuring is Colwick cheese, a fresh

cheese produced locally to Nottingham.

Do you remember Colwick cheese?

Did you ever make it?

Do you remember family stories about making Colwick?

Did you eat Colwick as a child?

We are looking to hear from anyone who remembers Colwick cheese

so if you do have any stories please get in touch with or call 0203 375 5180

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