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Friends of Colwick Woods volunteer group was formed by local residents in April 2004. We work closely with Nottingham City Council. The aim of the group is to protect, enhance and promote Colwick Woods as an important local resource for the benefit of the community and its natural habitat.

11th Annual Gala

EventsPosted by liz Sat, May 16, 2015 01:26:36

Well plans are well underway for our 11th annual gala day. Put the date in your diary, Sunday 5th July 2015 - 12-4pm.

We have live music lined up as usual, belly dancers, archery, English Combat, White Tigers kick boxing, dog agility, face painting, stalls, refreshments and the dog show again. All aiming for a fun day out for the whole family to enjoy.

As well as our usual stalls, we have some newcomers attending, there is Rob Roy from Long Eaton who is England's oldest and largest wooden toy shop - The company has made and sold wooden toys for over 60 years. Robin will be demonstrating how he makes some of the toys.

We have face painting by Jay Thomas, delicious pies by Brockleby's from Asfordby in Leics, a speciality tea stall, Snail and Rabbit who have a shop in West Bridgford and also Chilli Fundamentals who do all sorts of things with chilli.

Jodie will be back again this year with her catering van doing donuts and pancakes as well as speciality coffees, we all missed her last year when she was missing due to her brother's badly timed wedding!!

The park ranger service have kindly said that this year they will do some guided walks through the woods for anyone interested.

We will also be doing our popular tombola where every ticket wins a prize.

Come along and learn about the history of Colwick Woods and the area.

Join our group, its only £2 for a single membership or £5 for a family.

See you there!! - Liz

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Potential threat to Green Belt

NewsPosted by Tim Wed, May 06, 2015 08:13:26
Please note that the correct link to the 28 document planning application submitted by Nottingham Academy is below.

My apologies for the previous link being incorrect, for some reason it got cut during insertion into the blog post.

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Potential Threat to Green Belt, Colwick Woods LNR.

NewsPosted by Tim Tue, May 05, 2015 17:45:47
Potential threat to Green Belt, Colwick Woods local nature reserve and public access. A planning application has been submitted by Nottingham Academy for a year 7 base building and associated works and car park following the demolition of the existing Greenwood Tree public house, Greenwood Road. We are considering the impact to the nature reserve ! Anyone wishing to pass their own comments / join in with our response or would simply like to be kept informed then please send us your contact email or other contact details. The twenty eight documents which include the proposed site plans can be found at link provided here.…/applicationDeta… Please send your comments or your contact details to....... Thank you.

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Do you know Gerald (Ged, Gerry) Tacey?

ChatPosted by liz Wed, March 04, 2015 00:07:32

Do you know Gerald (or Ged as he was known then) Tacey who lived on Greenwood Road from 1927 - 1953 and went to Jesse Boot school? If so, he would love to hear from you. He now lives in Australia and sent our secretary this lovely email. We have permission to give out his details as he hopes someone will make contact. Or perhaps if you don't know him, you may have an elderly relative who might remember him and would like to write to him if they don't use a computer? He is now 88 years young.

Dear Edmund,

Until I was 26 I lived on Greenwood Rd at number 133 (except for three years in the Royal Navy) and then I immigrated to Australia.
I have visited Nottingham and Colwick Woods on several occasions during the time I have lived here but it was not until JUNE last year
when I visited again that I became aware that there is a group of people who really care for it in a very practical way - not just in a sentimental way as I do.

Whilst we were there my daughter took a photograph of the 'Local Nature Reserve' sign and not until a couple of days ago when looking at photo I noticed that you have a web-site . . . . so I logged on and was delighted to see the photos thereon of people enjoying what appears to be a gala day. Everyone appears be enjoying the occasion and I thought to myself ' I wonder if - if any of those people would remember me'?

I am now 88 so they would have to have a little grey hair by now - like me. Perhaps the Friends of Colwick Woods has a news letter in which you could publish this note and I could than wait in anticipation of there being someone who might care to respond . . . . .

During my school days - at Sir Jesse Boot up the road, I was known as GERALD ( GED) TACEY
then when I began work I was called Gerry as is the case now.

My address is 45A NEWRY ST
PERTH 6014


With kind regards

Gerry Tacey

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View from The East project

NewsPosted by liz Mon, March 02, 2015 16:40:46
Ordinary Culture project View from the East wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

Today, Ordinary Culture has received £25,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, View from the East in Colwick Woods, Nottingham. Delivered by Ordinary Culture in partnership with the Friends of Colwick Woods and Nottingham City Council, the project focuses on the fascinating heritage of the woods.

Mentioned in the Domesday Book and originally part of the Colwick Hall Estate, Colwick Woods is an urban green space steeped in history, which has, until now, gone largely unexplored. Through extensive research, community visits to archives and museum collections, the gathering of oral histories, on-site talks and workshops with local experts and an exciting programme of learning activities for families and young people, View from the East will offer new and dynamic ways for the local community to engage with the heritage of Colwick Woods. The project will provide training in conservation and gathering oral histories for members of local community groups and will deliver enhanced on-site interpretation, providing historical information for visitors to the woods.

Ordinary Culture is a Nottingham based organisation, which works with local community groups to deliver heritage and arts projects in settings where cultural and environmental heritage is under-investigated. Commenting on the award, Ordinary Culture co-director Aaron Juneau said: “We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and are confident that the project will encourage more people to visit Colwick Woods and to engage with this rich area of local history.”

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Colwick Cutting

ChatPosted by Tim Sat, February 21, 2015 11:35:52
I expect that most people who know Colwick and Sneinton see the reddish brown cliff face along side the loop roop road / Rail way line quite often, know locally as Colwick Cutting.
Locals at one time used to call the cliffs "Deadmans drop", some maybe still do ? As far as the Geologists are concerned this is the oldest and deepest sedimentary rock formation East of Nottingham.
Known to them as the "Sneinton formation" a 10-20 metre thick reddish brown layer of inter-bedded sandstone, siltstone and mudstone from the middle and upper Triassic period, about 200 million years ago !!
Below these mudstone cliffs is a bed of sandstone which can be seen in various places around the city, the obvious is Nottingham Castle. So there we have it, the Sneinton formation is Mercia Mudstone dating back some 200 Million years, if only trees and rocks could talk, what a story they would tell !!!

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History Of Colwick Woods pt2

ChatPosted by Tim Sat, February 14, 2015 10:19:21
I wonder how many folk have been wondering around Colwick Woods and come across a brick lined hole in the ground ? If you have and your not in the know then you'd sure be wondering about its purpose and coming up with all kinds of mental images, from a Well to gun emplacement. Here's the truth, that brick lined hole in the ground used to be an "Ice House", some would even ask, Ice House ? An Ice House is simply a building that was used to store Ice, so during the winter that brick pit would have been filled with Snow and ice then have straw or sawdust packed on top to insulate it. Over the pit would have been a domed brick structure to protect the ice from the heat of the day. That way it was quite possible for the ice to remain in the pit for months. This produced cold storage for food items or anything else you wanted to preserve or keep cold for any length of time. The Ice House was at one time the cold storage facility for Colwick Hall, so now you know what some people had before refrigerators !!!! Ice houses were introduced in the UK around 1660. there is a photograph in our GALLERY showing what we think our Ice house would have been like............ The picture is a Cutaway illustration.

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NewsPosted by Tim Tue, February 03, 2015 13:50:11
We now have a page on FaceBook so please look us up and "Like" to follow.
This is a great way of keeping track of what news, events, work group activity will be happening though out the year, it will also give members a quick and direct route of communications with each other and the organizers of such event's. We're always looking for volunteers to help with things so if your presently a member, or a prospective member then keep an eye on facebook and join in. Here's a quick link to our page.........


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